There has been a lot of illness around in the last few weeks and most families have been affected by something. Many people have visited Gaia’s shop looking for remedies to help with cold & flu symptoms, sneezing and blocked sinuses.

I guess it is all this running around before Christmas together with the non-stop socializing right in the depth of winter when, according to the Chinese Philosophy and Medicine, it is the time to hibernate, keep still and warm. This allows the body to rest and recharge so that we can step into spring fully renewed with energy and enthusiasm.

We just need to observe the trees outside…. or learn from animals, my cats at the moment sleep so much and eat…

Now, if you are ‘suffering’ and need help to ease your symptoms, there is a lot you can do.

Here are few ideas:

  • Most Essential Oils will be useful as anti bacterial/viral room spray. Good ones to use are Lavender, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus essential oil. Just mix few drops of each in a spray bottle (preferably glass) with some water and spray around the house when someone is sick. This will help to neutralize anything in the air.

You can also use essential oil for massaging the chest, upper back and around congested sinuses. All you need to do is add a total of 6 drops of Lavender, Eucalyptus and/or Ginger essential oils into a spoonful of Almond base oil or any cooking oil you have at home (Olive oil is good but it does have a strong smell). For babies and children up to the age of 8 use only 3 drops of the essential oils.

Warning: Before applying the oil on wide areas, test it for any allergic reaction by rubbing a bit of your final mixture on a small area of your arm and wait for a few minutes.

  • Homeopathy offers a safe and effective alternative for alleviating acute coughs, colds, flu and other viral infections. The next time someone in your family has a minor cough or cold, do experiment with a few remedies – for example;

Aconite; for the early phase with snuffles and sneezing after exposure to cold wind or an emotional shock, or
Pulsatilla; for someone with bland, yellow-green mucus discharges and who may be feeling a bit clingy and tearful, or
Hepar Sulph; for the later stages of a cold with a thick, smelly post-nasal discharge or painful earache

Alternatively, bring the patient to the Acute Homeopathy Clinic on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 1-2pm, for a quick acute prescription from Gaia homeopath Naphia Reggiani (a small fee of £5 is charged to cover remedy costs).

Remember, constitutional treatment by a homeopathy is an excellent way to strengthen our immune systems, thereby minimising the risks of getting ill in the first place.

  • Take a good quality Vitamin C to boost your Immune System.
  • In our herbal department we have many ready mixed tinctures and herbal teas that you can choose from. You can browse them on our website on our Immunity Support page.

It is good to start viewing any symptoms the body presents (anything from colds, phlegm, allergies, pain etc.) as a sign that somewhere within is out of balance. We should pay attention to these signs while they are still new and small as they could otherwise develop into more severe and chronic ones. We should check what is really going on in our physical and emotional life that needs our attention. Looking at it this way, we can start to welcome them as indicators of stress or imbalances in our body’s deeper often hidden environment.

So, there we are, just few ideas from our experienced staff at Gaia. We hope you find them useful.

Please feel free to call into the shop, drop into the Homeopathic Acute Clinic, phone us or simply send us an email to discuss any health matters.

We wish you good health, keep warm and rested!

Warm wishes