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Our homeopathic remedies are supplied by Weleda, the UK's leading manufacturer, and Helios (available in the shop and phone orders). Please note the dosage details supplied with your order. As with conventional medicines, homeopathic remedies can be self-prescribed or ‘over the counter’ for minor conditions. For more serious illness, professional advice should always be sought.

Homeopathy is a well-established medicinal practice that attempts to stimulate the body’s innate healing capacity. An individual treatment plan is essential, with emotional, mental and physical factors all taken into account. ‘Over the counter’ Homeopathic medicines are prepared from naturally occurring plant, mineral and, occasionally, animal substances, and mainly fall into two categories, 6C and 30C.

In most self-help cases, for example when the patient is suffering a non-threatening physical condition such as a cough or cold, 6C is optimal. If the condition is active/acute or if there is an emotional element such as occasional sleeplessness, a short course of 30C is ideal. Consult a practioner if the symptoms continue. Homeopathic medication is most commonly provided in tablet form, to be used half an hour before or after eating. These small pills should not be handled, but tipped from the bottle into the lid, then dropped into a clean mouth, chewed or allowed to dissolve.

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