That is exciting and if you think about it, there are more and more children and teenagers around that have never been to the doctor, had vaccinations or taken antibiotics and other medications besides supplements, herbal remedies and homeopathic remedies in their life!

They are growing up going to see an osteopath, a homeopath or acupuncturist to maintain their health.

I have now been in practice long enough and am lucky enough to witness that this process is happening more and more. These children are highly aware of their body’s energy level and balance and know when to ask for the next natural treatment whatever it may be.

There it is, a new generation that is growing up on Natural Medicine (often combined with Western Medicine) and with time will raise their children in the same way.

Yes, we can’t stop them from having too many sweets, alcohol and junk food at times, sometimes for long periods of time…. but my feeling is that these early childhood experiences will come back in later years and guide them in their health choices.

From the moment children are born, their parents are faced with making endless health decisions for them. This is not easy, so being informed about the different choices available is important. If you choose to take a path, make sure you are informed about ALL the other paths too so you are confident in your decision through the power of knowledge and not intuition alone.

This year at Gaia we have a great line-up of FREE talks with our expert therapists that will help you find the information that you need, not only with regards to your children’s health but to your health too.

And in the health department, there is a wide selection of vitamins and supplements especially suited for young age. Let’s not forget the little creatures that appear from time to time on children’s heads, lice! There is so much you can do to get rid of them naturally.

Other suggestions:

  • Amber Baby Necklace that could help with teething or
  • Learn to Massage Your Baby to relax them, improve sleep and help with colic, or
  • Find out which Bach Flower Essence could help your child to get through difficult times, or
  • Find out which Homeopathic Remedy to use. They are gentle and safe to use with all sorts of physical and emotional conditions.
  • Having a good doctor as well as a team of Natural Health Therapists that you trust and can support you is a good idea. Meet Gaia’s therapists HERE

I hope that you share my view that we are very lucky to live in a time where there is so much information and advice available on many minor health issues.

Hopefully you are not overwhelmed by all this information, but if you do need extra help or advice, please phone us at the shop (01342 822716) or email us at with your specific questions and we will do our best to help you or put you in touch with one of our qualified practitioners. If you think your questions will be of interest to more people, please send it to me and I will put something together on these pages for everyone to benefit.

Warm wishes,


Gaia Natural Health

Important: We recognise that there are times and emergencies when you must be sensible and must not delay going to see your doctor/calling for an ambulance if you are at all worried about your child’s health.

PS: The information provided is to be used at your own choice and risk. If in doubt, for chronic conditions and when taking other medications always consult a professional health practitioner or your doctor. Always read the instruction on the pack and follow them carefully.