Still, someone has decided that we should be honoring Fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society on the second weekend in June (this year it falls on the 16th June), so why not?

I have just spent a week with my father (and mother) and there is a lot to celebrate and honor. He cooked for the whole family for the week, fixed little things around the house, built a skate ramp for my daughter…we went fishing (caught ONE fish), played many games of Backgammon (I lost most) and remembered the past while planning for the future.

So, I’m all for honoring this special group called Fathers.

Finding them a special gift can be challenging, women are much easier… so here are some ideas:

  • Bake them a cake and have it together with a glass of Black Spice Tea
  • Make a massage oil using Almond base oil with few drops of Pine, Rosemary and Lavender essential oil and massage their shoulders and neck.
  • If they are off on holiday soon, get them a Travel Bag and fill it with all their favourite travelling essentials.


  • For the active dads, put together a tailor made natural FirstAid/Remedy Bag with Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils (good to use on cuts and burns), Arnica tablets (for accidents and trauma), Rescue Remedy (for emotional upset), Citronela (repels mosquitos), Citricidal Liquid (purifies water and tummy upsets), Colloidal Silver (antiseptic) etc.
  • Prepare a warm bath with some candles and Pine Reviving Bath Milk, perfect after a particularly tiring or stressful day.

Whatever you choose, have fun together and show them your love!

Warm wishes,