Morning Sickness?
This Is What You Can Try

I have been asked by one of Gaia’s clients about suitable remedies for morning sickness. So I thought I would outline for you some causes and some ideas that you may like to consider.

The sickness is caused by hormonal changes or imbalances. Sometimes, if you enter into pregnancy already feeling tired or out of balance the symptoms will be worse. This can also apply to sickness during teenage years around the menstrual cycle where similar advice can be followed.

Working with women (and men) through all stages of fertility, pregnancy and pre and post birth is close to my heart. As an acupuncturist I take great interest in this area and am now a member of the “Zita West Affiliated Acupuncture Network”.


There is so much help that acupuncture can give with regards to fertility, pregnancy and birth. However, today, I would like to concentrate on those early stages of pregnancy (or if you are very unfortunate, the whole nine months of pregnancy!). So that, instead of celebrating the news of being pregnant and looking forward to the new baby, all you can think of, is the constant nauseating feeling that affects everything you do.

Here is a short video of one lady’s successful experience with acupuncture for her morning sickness. It may take a few treatments before you feel the benefits of acupuncture as it would be dependant on your own energy level, life style and constitution.

Here are some more ideas that could help:

  • It is important that you find time to rest.
  • Make sure you eat little and often (avoid sweet sugary foods) to keep the blood sugar level balanced which will help to balance the hormones too.
  • Drink Ginger and Peppermint tea to help with the nausea. 
  • Use one drop of Spearmint Essential Oil on a tissue and put it next to your pillow overnight or around you during the day. 
  • Cornelia, our nutritional therapist suggests women with morning sickness may be suffering from vitamin B6 deficiency and supplementing with the most available form, pyridoxal-5-phosphate, may be helpful. You can talk to Cornelia in the shop on Thursdays from 1-5.15pm.
  • Naphia, Gaia’s Homeopath says that as the causes for the sickness can change from one women to another so the prescription should be individualised in order to give the right homeopathic remedy. Why not come in or phone the acute clinic (Tues/Weds/Fri 1-2pm) and talk to her.

Stress, anxiety and sleepless nights can also be factors that cause sickness during pregnancy. More on that next time.

As always feel free to call into the shop, drop into the Homeopathic Acute Clinic, phone us or simply send us an email to discuss any health matters.

I hope that this guidance will help you on your way to feeling better and enjoying your health!

Warm wishes,

Gaia Natural Health

PS: The information provided is to be used at your own choice and risk. If in doubt, for chronic conditions and when taking other medications always consult a professional health practitioner or your doctor. Always read the instruction on the pack and follow them carefully.