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Skin Tone Lotion

For relief of aching legs and revitalising tired limbs. Ideal for use where person has to sit or stand for long periods eg plane travel, shop work. As well as someone who is bedridden.

How To Use
SHAKE THE BOTTLE. ADULTS: Massage lightly into the skin and allow to dry. Do not apply to broken skin

Avoid use if you are sensitive to Arnica montana. If redness or itching occurs discontinue use.

100g contains: ethanolic extracts of: Citrus medica, Fructus (1=2) 9.0 ml; Arnica montana, Planta tota (1=5) 6.26 ml; Arcticum lappa, Radix (1=6) 7.5 ml; Prunus spinosa, Summitates (1=3) 1.5 ml; Iris rhizoma (1=10) 5.0 ml/Prunus Lotion 50% 1.0 ml/Distilled Witch Hazel 4.25 ml/Copper sulphate 0.38g/Sodium silicate solution 1.49g. Also contains Lemon Oil, Citric acid monohydrate, Tragacanth Powder, Glycerol (Vegetable) and Distilled Water.

Vegetarian Vegan


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