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Bronchosan Pine Cough Syrup

Traditional herbal medicinal product used for the relief of coughs, such as chesty coughs and dry, tickly, irritating coughs, and catarrh exclusively based on long-standing use as a traditional remedy. It is made from fresh spruce shoots, harvested in spring whilst the needles and twigs are still light green and soft. 

At A.Vogel, we insist that only freshly picked spruce sprouts are used to make Bronchosan.


Bronchosan contains fresh Picea abies (L) Karsten (Spruce) shoots, obtained from freshly harvested organically cultivated, Spruce. 

5 ml (6.95 g) of Bronchosan syrup contains 1,445 mg of extract (as soft extract) from fresh Picea abies (L.) Karsten (spruce) shoots (0.9-1.2:1). Extraction solvent: water.  

The other ingredients used for the liquid are raw cane sugar, honey, concentrated pear juice and pine oil. Bronchosan contains sugars (5.25g of carbohydrate per 5ml dose).

How To Use

Bronchosan may be used as a cough remedy by adults and children over the age of 12 years.

Take 5-10ml (1-2 teaspoons) two to four times a day.

Don’t take more than the recommended dose. 

  • Do not use if you are allergic to Spruce (Picea abies), Pine species, colophony or any of the ingredients,. 
  • If your symptoms worsen or if you do not feel any benefit within 1 week, talk to your doctor.
  • Do not use Bronchosan if you are pregnant or breast feeding

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